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The Self-less in Face Transplants and Buddhism

What do face transplantation, sex change (‘reassignment’) and mind uploading technology have in common with Buddhism? The answer is the topic of this post, but first, and as a hint, let me get this out of my chest: The most … Continue reading

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The Prophetic Buddha: Heirs in the Dharma

Content Not of Material Things Sariputta Tells is As it Is Grow up, Homo sapiens! Has anyone of you tried to organize something, a club, a sorority, a community association, a religious cult, a political party,a non-for-profit..? If you have … Continue reading

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The Root of Existence – Applying the Buddha’s Teaching

Content: Preliminary thoughts Process of cognition – bare perception Distortion of perception Some examples: cops, courts, and personal experience. Conclusion and bibliography 1 The Root of All Things This sutra has helped me in coping with mood swings. It may … Continue reading

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Solutions to Mass Murders: The Lone Wolf Theory, Gun Control and the Buddhist sutra 19

There is an ongoing public discussion about the nature and origin of the current wave of violence in our society: is it ‘crazy’ people, terrorists, the economy or human nature? Could it be a mix? The view we adopt as … Continue reading

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Coping with Procrastination: Buddha’ Sutra 19 The Two Kinds of Thoughts (thoroughly revised)

Procrastination IS suffering, mental suffering. I use it as an example to confirm the Buddha’s most misunderstood ‘mantra’, i.e, that life is ‘suffering’, meaning that life is replete with discomfort, to put it mildly. He gave us the good news … Continue reading

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