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The Self-less in Face Transplants and Buddhism

What do face transplantation, sex change (‘reassignment’) and mind uploading technology have in common with Buddhism? The answer is the topic of this post, but first, and as a hint, let me get this out of my chest: The most … Continue reading

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Thinking, Violence, and Wars: The Buddha’s Mind Power

Do you want to learn to control your mind, and avoid wars in the process? Check this out. It will teach you how to become less attached to things and to people who seem to have more control over your … Continue reading

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Our Ecosystem and Tech Giants Philanthropy

As I was reading the Washington Post’s article about how the Asian and Pacific coconut oil industry has callously skinned alive Borneo’s ecosystem to reap financial profits, the Buddha’s teaching about the interdependence of everything in this existence, better known … Continue reading

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About the Web of Relations of Earthlings

Some followers of Buddhism meditate on the Buddha’ sayings to help them stay away from  negative and hurtful thoughts and deeds; for example, on his precept “behind every great man there is a woman rolling her eyes”…um, nope, that’s not … Continue reading

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The Path to Immortality: Through Torturing Animals

WARNING! The first four minutes are heartbreaking and may be disturbing to animal lovers. You may want to skip the first three minutes.   I have to quote myself, sorry, from the previous post: This is the new science, were … Continue reading

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Dead Science Walking: Tech Giants Killing the Scientific Method

“He and the tech titans who founded Google,Facebook, eBay, Napster and Netscape are using their billions to rewrite the nation’s science agenda and transform biomedical research.“ “It seems pretty egocentric while we still have malaria and TB for rich people … Continue reading

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The New Buddhism: Evolutionist

NEW BUDDHISM: EVOLUTIONIST It’s time to give Buddhism a face-lift, the energy and newness squandered away throughout thousands of years of monkish ambivalency between denying and calling itself a religion, their own internal investiture controversy. It’s time to put Buddhism … Continue reading

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