This is the one place where I can be thoughtless and not being criticized for it. I write this blog because I didn’t believe in reincarnation the last time, so I’m trying to understand it now. Here I post my understanding of the Buddha’s teachings as I go, is like talking out loud to myself.

I don’t believe Buddhism was originally a religion, and I don’t use it as such.

I consider the old Buddhism and Buddhist logic the only body of  knowledge, philosophy and psychology capable of questioning and challenging the intentions of our modern scientists of the mind and their tech giant patrons.

Comments are welcome; not welcome if they are mean, welcome if neither positive nor mean.

NOTE: English is not my first language, so, you are bound to find a bunch of grammatical erors. Please, don’t be put off by them; consider instead that I may have problems with grammar, but I can shout for help in three different languages. How’bout you?  Also, I’m  totally a lay person in matters of Buddhism and science, no pretense of scholarly work here.



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