Give Peace a Freaking Chance!

I won’t let it get lost in the war mentality sweeping the planet:


Everybody is talking about ‘How to defeat ISIS?’, but all the answers are focused only on military response and  ‘strategies’. Lost is what ISIS has to do with 9/11, how we contributed to this problem, what to do with all the civilians in the Middle East escaping our military-might solutions? Does anyone cares that the cost of ‘defeating ISIS’ is leaving you in poverty, without quality of medical services, food and housing, education, etc? HAVE YOU LEARN NOTHING FROM THE VIETNAM WAR? Don’t you remember who benefits from these wars and how your ‘leaders’ have lied to you in every war instance since at least the Nam war? Why trillions of dollars go for armaments but funds are cut for  services for the soldiers returning home after having been lured with the hero myth?


This is the result of a US bombing in Syria. Of course, we warned them to get out of the way of the bombs we dropped by surprise and mostly at night.

And here they are. But they just want to come here to America; that’s why they are refugees, free loaders. It has nothing to do with  our military solutions to the problem.


Is this welfare for corporations? If you build it, you must find an opportunity to use it. Who do you think pay our cities to beat up anti-war people in rallies? Do you think Huntington Ingalss Industries want peace in the Middle East?

The US spends the most. Have we brought more stability on this planet with all that money? Were we the ones in more urgency to spend that money? Did we spend that money to bring peace or to bring more wars? Why do other nations with more instances of terrorism at home spend less than us? These are some of the questions you must ask.


Training for war.


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