The California Rampage: the Disappearing Difference Between You and ISIS

Why can’t the FBI, CIA and the president just make a statement to dispel doubts about whether this attack is or is not a politically motivated attack, by ISIS or whatever name they choose to give it? Is it that difficult to make that determination despite all the billions of $$ we spend on ‘anti-terrorism’ paraphernalia and surveillance equipment? Did we give up our privacy and internet freedom for this? The mainstream media and our government seem unable to find the difference between ‘you’, the ‘gun-crazy American’, the gun-toting disgruntled worker, and ISIS. The transformation of ISIS into ‘you’ is described further down in the post. For now, Who benefits from this state of ‘uncertainty’?

I know who does not benefit from it: the Muslim and Hindu communities in the US, and the rest of us. The Hindus pay for the Muslims on account of their traditional garments; the public confuses them with Muslims. The Muslims here will pay even if they immolate themselves to prove they are with us and not with ISIS; unfortunately what they have to say doesn’t matter to deaf ears. And the rest of us, well…

If you put your money on producing war armaments, it would be silly not to promote wars to use the armaments. The president is right, but not in the way you think: as long as there is a market for guns, we will be at war. Taking the guns away from people here will not prevent massacres, not here nor around the globe. See Paris, and see the massacres of civilians in the middle east by Western and regional powers. As long as we are in the killing mentality, whether our warmongering governments or us personally, we’ll use guns to kill others around the globe, and those guns will continue to kill us, directly and indirectly here. That’s easy to see.

Think of it this way: Suppose there were a charcoal pit deeper than a man’s height full of glowing coals without flame or smoke; and then a man scorched and exhausted by hot weather, weary, parched, and thirsty, came by a path going in one way only and directed to that same charcoal pit. Then a person with good sight, on seeing him would say “This man so behaves, so conducts himself, has taken such a path, that he will come to this charcoal pit”, and then later on he sees that the man has fallen into that charcoal pit and is experiencing extremely painful, piercing feelings.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know what the consequences of ours and other people’s behaviors will be if we have good sight. If people take the path of war and hate and killing to solve their problems, they are bound to fall into the pit and reap only more piercing painful feelings. If people here choose to kill or beat up Muslims and Hindus and Blacks and Whites and women and dogs and cats and birds…you are bound to fall into the pit of social punishment, by enacted laws, and be discredited as a human being. That ought to be enough to keep you focused away from violence.

ISIS Becomes You

The problem is not ‘guns’, it’s not ISIS. The problem is our inability to look ahead to the dangers in front of us. If you don’t question the behaviors of your political leaders and your own, what are the powerful feelings and desires guiding them and you, you will not reduce personal and social pain and suffering, you will continue to be the puppet that we all are in the hands of our badly chosen political leaders.

Our politicians are feeding this war, they have toppled all secular governments in the Middle East and are in the path of toppling the last one, Syria. Our government is supporting ISIS to topple Syria, that’s one of the reasons our government is reluctant to denounce ISIS involvement in this attack here at home.

You must ask yourselves how is ISIS better for everybody, there and here, than Assad? Is there a diplomatic solution better than bombing civilians? I’m not pro Assad or against him or ISIS. Any side I chose will invariably lead to pain because the people who make the decisions to go to war have chosen war as the answer; they just want me and you to follow their thinking and praise their intentions to keep us at war.

On the other hand, this is not a ‘good moment’ for them to manipulate our hatred against ISIS, because they are more interested in YOU, the gun-toting unhappy American than on ISIS actions here. So, ‘terrorism’ becomes ‘you’, the gun-crazy American. The difference between ISIS and you disappears when the term ‘terrorist’ is applied indiscriminately to you and ‘them’ equally with out consideration to the politics of war ; when ‘terrorism’ is a matter of  routine violence in our lives: mental illness, unhappy at work, and permanent war. We are at war, what do you expect, peace at home? That’s the message, ‘get used to it’. 

“Terrorism” is a convenient word, because it is chock full of emotions, it can be manipulated as needed. What we do or don’t do about this word will come to bite us in the derriere here at home.

Anyone with good sight can see that.

Please, don’t let them take you through the path of hatred, don’t fall into the pit of anger. Take the path less traveled, the path of self-awareness and of compassion for all those suffering by these wars so that we may demand less bombs and more diplomacy. The other word, peace, needs to be resuscitated.


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