The Path to Immortality: Through Torturing Animals


The first four minutes are heartbreaking and may be disturbing to animal lovers. You may want to skip the first three minutes.


I have to quote myself, sorry, from the previous post:

This is the new science, were the  concept of knowledge and of the thing to be ‘known’ – the body (not the human that inhabits it) – are devoid of their humanity and of human concerns: thinking and the self are reduced 0’s and 1’s, to wiring  and coded instructions, to digitized brains.

self control

One could interpret the Buddha’s teachings as his vision of humans influencing their evolution. He knew that the only way we can transform the disheartening violent and emotionally ignorant Homo sapiens into a new and compassionate humanity is by developing its mental capacity, so it can finally catch up with its ability to create tools and transform the technology of self-destruction into life-affirming tools. He aimed at the mind with mind as a tool, teaching that there is no human progress without the ethical/moral element of compassion. The goal of evolution in the Buddha’s vision is to end self-inflicted personal and social suffering, and its source: wars, hate, greed…The tech giants see evolution as a business, except that they will own you.

If you want to be a knowing-all god, well, good luck with that. All you’ll achieve is becoming a know-nothing slave.

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