The New Buddhism: Evolutionist


It’s time to give Buddhism a face-lift, the energy and newness squandered away throughout thousands of years of monkish ambivalency between denying and calling itself a religion, their own internal investiture controversy.

It’s time to put Buddhism back on the path the Buddha walked for 45 years; not the one of religion, which he unmistakably repudiated. But the progressive path towards advanced efficient human relations. It was not about salvation, salvation is other-worldly and personal; he was addressing our  humanity, or lack of it.

For, instead of siting navel-watching or going back to his palace to rule as a benevolent king, he chose walking and sharing with humanity that awesome vision he had that fateful day when he became awaken under the fig tree: a society of humans with advanced thinking and mental powers; that was the ‘salvation’. He envisioned us, with his exceptional comprehension of the marks of existence, i.e., that everything is in constant change and impermanent, as naturally and in freedom evolving from the disheartening violent and ignorant Homo sapiens that we have always been, into a new purposeful human species.

But nothing resists change more efficiently than religion and the thirst for power. And the dreams of today’s scientists of the mind…they are as grotesque as when they were using their science to lobotomize children and the mentally ill to make them socially ‘compliant’:

Our bodies and brains will be surrounded by and merged with computer power, which itself will become as powerful as our brains, or more so. As we merge machines into our minds we will indeed be deconstructed and put back together. We will use technology to redesign ourselves, our children and animals, into varieties of intelligent life impossible to predict. [source]

The message the Buddha  spread for 45 years was about the imperative need for humans to quickly get on to the next level of mental development, that Homo sapiens has the capacity to expedite its own mental evolution. And in his teachings he gave us the key to get moving on: the key for a superior human being is in our minds.

He gave us his science of the mind: it is a spring cleaning of our cognitive process using the broom of compassion to sweep away all the dirt of conceit, greed and unrestrained consumerism that never satiate our sensual cravings. Unrestrained consumerism has always been with us, it’s not of this millennium. We just get better at being unrestrained, as those scientists are clearly demonstrating.

What comes after Homo sapiens is being widely discussed by the new scientist of the mind, but I don’t like the name given to it: trans-human. More important is that it must be purposeful and  consciously learning to direct the mind to end self-inflicted social suffering,  to better ourselves.

That’s why we need to get back on the Buddha’s track, before it’s too late. That’s why he kept saying “there is no time to waste”. He knew how far this Homo sapiens is capable of going with its inhumanity.

This post is too long already. In the next I will share my understanding of how Buddhism lost its path and how to find it again.  Feel free to post your comments, after all, these are the open-for-debate opinions of a lay Buddhist.

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