Buddhism’s End of the Road Ahead?


Today, it’s do or die (again) for Buddhism.

Understand that BOTH the Chinese socialist capitalist state and the Western moneyed-class are co-opting Buddhism for their own goals, and that genuine Buddhism is a threat to both of them because it (supposedly) denounces GREED and inequalities.

The US accuses China of ‘controlling’ Buddhists. They say that here, in good old USA, the nation gives them freedom of religion. True; as long as  you consent to serve the well-to-do (blessing their Porsche and their hunting equipment) without offending their sensibilities by bringing up the words corporate and greed in the same sentence, then you are safe here.

In China, well, what can we say that you don’t already know  about that government bureaucracy elite? Buddhist soft power, Chinese-style

 The Buddha had an uncompromising way of dealing with governments and the wealthy-privileged class: he didn’t take anything from them, and gave them only his teachings if they were willing to listen. He also prohibited his monks from accepting anything from the wealthy, not even a grain of rice.

That’s why they are at that cross-road today, because they are practicing something that is NOT the Buddha’s Buddhism.

I’m not anti-capitalism, or anti-communism. I’m anti-excessive greed, anti-killing for profit and fun, anti-oppression,, come from where it may. I’m not even anti-elite, as long as they don’t get on my path of promoting the progressive evolution of the human mind through Buddhism with all its trimmings.

No one is perfect, we allow each other to be imperfect. The goal is to learn to not hurt anyone with our imperfections. It can be done.

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