Mindfulness Made the News Today, Oh Boy.

This is what happens when ‘scientists’ need easy money (this is a punchy post, sorry):

Mind over meal: Study reveals a weight loss strategy you may never have considered.

Harvard neuroscientist: Meditation not only reduces stress, here’s how it changes your brain

They go to Buddhists and tinker with their brains to ‘find’ something, anything will do to get that money. The superficiality of those two articles and the others recommended by the Washington Post are, to me, simply appalling.

One reason they are superficial is that Buddhism has become such a…trend? that its epistemology, if you allow me, is forgotten and replaced with easy Mahayanist or Tibetan mysticism, which can be used to manipulate the trusting follower. It can all be reduced to simple vacuous reflexes: sit on your organic cushion, say some mantras and voila! you meditated and are now officially brighter, more intelligent, a better worker. The second article is clearly directed to the elite and upper middle class: yoga helps with “executive decision making“. That’s the real reason we ‘study’ Buddhism, isn’t it, to be better executives and earn bigger bonuses.

Hey, wanna lose weight? Just be ‘here‘ and you’ll lose some pounds; mindfulness is easy to do for the guy on the go. Wanna boast about the sexy gray matter you got practicing yoga? Show your friends your brain scans.

The Buddha renounced his majestic life, became homeless for over seven years to find whatever it was he found and we can’t even imagine, literally. But today’s well-to-do class think that they can achieve that in the comfort of their well furnished apartments, sitting on fancy cushions, and devoting half an hour after work, maybe, to ‘meditation’. Then to the happy hour.

The article about losing weight is funny. It goes all the way back to prehistoric man, not women, to find in the lost hunting habits the explanation to obesity. I would rather fund a study about how ads like ‘I can’t believe it’s not butter’ causes weight gain.


This bucket will test your mindfulness.

Appalling. The Buddha must be thinking, wherever he is,  ‘I’m not going there again. Let them find the path by themselves.’ I predict the second disappearance of Buddhism, this time from the USA. It’s starting to look like when Jesus found the masses in the temple and had to kick them out. The Buddha is too cool for that: he would simply be quiet and ignore you.

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