There is No Future, Only Permanent War… with the Elite.

I know, that title sounds crude, ridiculous, a hyperbole and depressing. As for ‘depressing’, you could find refuge in the popular axiom: There’s no happiness or success without struggle.  After that, you have nothing left, once you consider the following headlines and excerpts, some of which are so absurd that you will have to laugh. Keep in mind that the last one is there to show that all the fancy technology created by our military, with the cooperation in many instances of Silicon Valley, is at the mercy of the pervasive source of error: human.

All of this is happening. There’s nothing we can do to stop this dystopian near future. The war-monger and addicted to armaments elite has all the power, monetary and political to keep us under their military boots. It’s a done deal.

The Scientists and Technologists Who Want To Keep AI Out of Weapons:

The letter questions the idea of researching technology that can be used to remotely kill humans without anyone telling the weapon to do so…based on “pre-defined criteria.”

Drones Armed With High-Energy Lasers May Arrive In 2017

Why Humans Need To Ban Artificially Intelligent Weapons

Unlike self-aware computer networks, self-driving cars tricked out with machine guns are possible right now — as are any number of AI-augmented weapons far deadlier than their human-aimed counterparts.

Someone At DEF CON Made a Drone That Hacks Computers

A company called Aerial Assault has turned a quadcopter into a flying hacker that scans the world below for insecure devices and vulnerable Wifi ports. Its makers say they built the tool for penetration testing — to help “good guys” diagnose their own weaknesses — but they concede that with a bit of modification, it could be used to exploit those vulnerabilities and install malware from the air. [Laughing is appropriate here.]

Pentagon: We Don’t Actually Know How Much Anthrax We Mailed Ourselves

A week after the Defense Department admitted it mistakenly sent live anthrax to various labs, officials upped the number of recipients and said the investigation was still going on.

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