Our Modern Social Choice: Developing A More Humane Society or Computer-like Human beings?

Why are people so fascinated and attracted to the ‘promises’ of the modern ‘science of the mind’ – developed by the military with the corporations that ultimately buy the rights to build and implement the applications of that science –  the promise of dehumanizing  them, turning humans and their minds into a computer with chip implants and software, the so-called Artificial Intelligence’? How many people know, have heard of and understand what ‘nanotechnology‘ is? Or how that technology originated, who are the people  interested in and pursuing its applications?

pc brain

On the other hand, why are there so many people REPULSED by the idea of developing their personal ability of controlling their own mind through  noninvasive methods that preserve the integrity of the mind, such as the Buddhist ‘science of the mind’, (not a religious technique)? After all, we know the physical power of the mind under an adrenaline rush and deep meditation.

Is this our social goal: to become more dehumanized and more computer-like and to make computers into sentient beings? Who decided those goal and its benefits ? Any one talking about the personal and social ‘side-effects’ of these  goal?

vid game

Which one do you prefer to be:

A: A walking PC with your steps and directions pre-determined, your mind processes  engineered and controlled by some software techie with the power to implant a chip in your brain and manipulate your life goals and emotions?

B: The sole owner of your mind, mastering it and learning to develop your mind’s power to change this war-prone humanity into one of fairness and compassion, reducing personal and social suffering in the process; becoming a more sentient moral being, not less?

Our military and corporate ‘science’ promises us that they can help you become a COMPUTER, not ‘like a computer’, but a computer through brain  implants and ‘mind-engineering’. The goal of that procedure is dictated by them, not by you: to control your behaviors and body;  which behaviors  are controlled is not determined by you.


So you don’t have a choice with them,  but you do have one in choosing to be an improved sentient being through other noninvasive methods. And the good outcomes spill into the rest of society automatically.

Today, it all comes to a choice between two ‘sciences of the mind’, but choices are  informed by our ATTITUDE towards the object or problem at hand. And the attitude is influenced by how much or how little we know about each of them.

Today, you don’t know enough about either of the two sciences of the mind. But you are choosing the most invasive, the most destructive of the two sciences of the mind based on the authority of the ones who do not have your interest in mind, on the undeserved trust you have in them: the triumvirate of government (military and policy makers), science and corporations.

The main problems are these: protecting the integrity of our brain and minds, the lack of transparency, control and oversight over these human experimentation and applications, and lack of public participation in determining whether the money and work of scientists invested on mind control are in the public interest. They are selling you their product under false pretensions. Some of the applications are good and useful. But, do you trust the military and big corporations to play with your mind? Does the Willowbrook incident, torturing mentally ill children in the name of science of the mind, ring a bell; or MKultra?

You, but mostly your children and their children, are on your way to the new social reality: dehumanization for profit.

Think of this week ‘scandal’ of VW’s computerized cars. That car could be your mind.

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